When is the Next Episode of the Amazing Digital Circus?

Fans know when they can watch episode 2 of The Amazing Digital Circus now. The story is about Pomni, a human stuck in a crazy digital world. She has lost her memory and is controlled by the wild Caine, her new boss. The first episode came out on October 13, 2023. Since then, fans have been waiting for more.

Finally, the good news came. A new episode will be out in May 2024. There will be more episodes during 2024 and 2025. Everyone is excited to see Pomni’s adventures continue in this strange virtual circus.

Key Takeaways

  • The Amazing Digital Circus follows the story of a human named Pomni who is trapped in an insane virtual world.
  • The pilot episode was released in October 2023, but no new episodes have been published since then.
  • An update has announced that episode 2 will be released in May 2024, with more episodes to follow throughout 2024 and 2025.
  • The show blends digital circus performances with a surreal and unsettling narrative.
  • Fans are eagerly awaiting the continuation of Pomni’s journey in the digital circus realm.

Unveiling the Premiere Date of The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2

Fans of The Amazing Digital Circus can start counting the days. Episode 2’s release date is set. This series is known for its online circus performances and virtual circus shows.

The premiere date for the next episode is finally out. Fans have been waiting eagerly for this news.

The Highly Anticipated Release Date Announcement

The GLITCH X team posted a big announcement. They shared a picture of Kinger and Gangle in a gumball machine. The caption reads: “DIGITAL CIRCUS EP 2 DROPS [5/3/2024]!!!!!”

This news has made fans super excited. The date is now marked on many calendars.

Glitch Productions Teases Candy Canyon Kingdom Adventure

Glitch Productions also teased fans with a sneak peek. Although brief, the teaser promised an amazing adventure in the Candy Canyon Kingdom for the show’s characters. The clip showed a mix of augmented reality circus and 360 circus videos.

It featured a hint of what’s to come. Expect scenes with Mad Max-style cars, angry candy Crocs, and candy-themed royalty. This has only added to the excitement of the upcoming episode.

Fans had to wait a long time for the new episode. Despite this, they are still very excited. The teaser already has more than 17 million views. This shows how much everyone can’t wait to see more of this tech-driven circus spectacle.

Exploring the Surreal World of The Amazing Digital Circus

The Amazing Digital Circus is created by Gooseworx on YouTube. It’s about Pomni, Jax, Ragatha, and others. These former humans are now like rag dolls and jesters in a circus run by a bad AI named Caine. They must carry out strange adventures for Caine.

Trapped in an Insane Virtual Realm

The virtual circus world is nothing like your regular circus. It’s eerie and mind-bending. You’ll see immersive digital experiences and augmented reality circus acts. These are far beyond what you’d expect from online circus performances.

Bizarre Characters and Unsettling Adventures

In this strange world, characters face weird challenges. They deal with 360 circus videos that twist reality and futuristic circus entertainment. It all makes them wonder about their lives. Their journey is a mix of thrill and confusion, very different from anything they’ve known.

The Phenomenon of The Amazing Digital Circus

The Amazing Digital Circus first appeared on YouTube on Oct. 13 and quickly took the web by storm. It tells the story of Pomni and five others. They’re all in a virtual circus world, not knowing their pasts. The pilot episode hit over 300 million views in half a year, making it a hit.

Viral Sensation with Over 300 Million Views

It’s a creation by Gooseworx, with Kevin and Luke at Glitch Productions in Australia behind it. This show is a YouTube milestone, yet it won’t move to other streaming sites. Its success marks it as a standout hit, thanks to its unique circus theme and amazing virtual shows.

Unprecedented Success for a YouTube-First Animation

With each new episode, The Amazing Digital Circus keeps gathering fans. It’s changing the game for online circus stories. The show’s blend of intriguing plots and super cool circus scenes not only impresses viewers but also pushes boundaries on YouTube.

When is the Next Episode of the Amazing Digital Circus?

Get ready, folks! The next episode of The Amazing Digital Circus lands on the Glitch YouTube channel on Friday, May 3, 2024. In Episode 2, Pomni, Jax, Ragatha, Gangle, Kinger, Bubble, and Zooble head to Candy Canyon Kingdom. This adventure is eagerly awaited by fans, as hinted by the TADC ringmaster Caine.

Mark Your Calendars for May 3rd, 2024

Fans can now circle May 3, 2024, on their calendars. This marks the release of The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2. It promises to keep the thrilling journey through the digital circus alive. Viewers around the globe have been spellbound by these adventures.

Streaming Exclusively on the Glitch YouTube Channel

Glitch Productions has decided not to move the show to other streaming sites. They stand firm as a “YouTube-first company.” For them, YouTube is the top option for showing off their long animations. So, fans, make sure to visit the Glitch YouTube channel to watch The Amazing Digital Circus’ newest episode.

when is the next episode of the amazing digital circus

Behind the Scenes of The Amazing Digital Circus

At the heart of The Amazing Digital Circus are Gooseworx and Glitch Productions. Gooseworx, a standout figure, combined his skills to create this captivating experience. Then, Glitch Productions, under the lead of brothers Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul from Australia, added their expertise.

This collaboration introduced a new standard in online fun. It offered a mix of creativity and innovation like never before. They worked tirelessly to bring this distinctive offering to the world.

Visionary Creator Gooseworx at the Helm

Gooseworx is the mastermind behind The Amazing Digital Circus. He’s known for his groundbreaking digital work. His animations and music turn the ordinary into surreal, high-tech circus acts. These acts take the audience into a futuristic world full of online circus shows and augmented reality circus spectacles.

Glitch Productions’ Commitment to YouTube Animation

Glitch Productions is dedicated to growing on YouTube. They believe in its future for their kind of content. To them, it’s the best stage for sharing their visionary digital circus shows and immersive digital experiences.

Immersive Digital Circus Performances

The Amazing Digital Circus grabs everyone’s attention. It uses the latest technology to blend real life with an imaginary, digital world. This mix creates an experience that feels both futuristic and magical, taking you on a journey through cutting-edge circus acts and eerie adventures.

Augmented Reality and 360 Video Experiences

Imagine entering a world where what’s real and what’s not starts to mix. The show uses augmented reality and 360 videos to make you a part of the circus. It’s like stepping into a dream filled with strange characters and amazing circus feats.

Tech-Driven Circus Spectacles

Don’t miss out on the next level of online entertainment. The Amazing Digital Circus keeps breaking new ground with its shows. It combines top-notch technology with the classic charm of the circus. The result is a show that’s truly unforgettable.

Fueling the Anticipation for Episode 2

The teaser for The Amazing Digital Circus Episode 2 has fans excited. It hints at a dark turn for the story. People are looking forward to Pomni’s next steps in this strange world. The teaser got over 17 million views. So, interest in the next episode is really high.

Teaser Trailer Hints at Darker Tone

The new teaser for Episode 2 gives a scary preview. It leaves behind the colorful Candy Canyon Kingdom for something darker. The digital circus performers will face even bigger challenges.

Fans Eagerly Await the Continuation of Pomni’s Journey

The first episode ended on a big question mark. This makes fans excited for Pomni’s next adventure. Everyone wants to see how she and her friends deal with the dangers. The teaser’s huge success shows how much people love The Amazing Digital Circus.


The Amazing Digital Circus has caught people’s eyes with its advanced shows. It combines augmented reality, 360 video experiences, and tech-driven spectacles. So, everyone is excited for Episode 2 on May 3, 2024, which will be on Glitch’s YouTube. The series is a groundbreaking show that will take you on surreal adventures with Pomni and their circus friends.

This cutting-edge virtual circus has gained a huge fan base. The first episode got more than 300 million views in only six months. Fans can’t wait to see what happens to Pomni next in the digital circus episodes.

Glitch Productions strongly believe in YouTube animation. They trust its power for longer videos. Their support has helped The Amazing Digital Circus become a hit. The show’s futuristic and tech-themed circus acts are making big waves in the world of online shows.


When will the next episode of The Amazing Digital Circus be released?

Episode 2 of The Amazing Digital Circus will come out on May 3, 2024. It will be on the Glitch YouTube channel.

What can viewers expect in the upcoming episode?

The teaser shows us that in Episode 2, the characters will visit Candy Canyon Kingdom. This adventure will be darker and more surreal than Episode 1.

Where can fans watch The Amazing Digital Circus?

The show is on YouTube first. Glitch Productions said it won’t be on any other streaming service. So, you can only watch it on the Glitch YouTube channel.

Who is behind the creation of The Amazing Digital Circus?

Gooseworx, an animator and composer, created The Amazing Digital Circus. It is produced by Kevin and Luke Lerdwichagul from Glitch Productions in Australia.

What makes The Amazing Digital Circus unique?

This show gives a new kind of circus experience. It uses cool technology to take you to a digital place full of surreal adventures.

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